basic guide to microsoft publisher 2010Microsoft Publisher 2010 is a program created to help users create documents or publications that can be easily printed or distributed.

MS Publisher offers amazing features such as templates and other useful tools that can be optimized for creating all sorts of publications which include menus, business cards, brochures and even newsletters.

One of the most notable advantages of using MS Publisher is it gives users more control over certain aspects of their documents or publications. For example, this program is designed to make it easier for users to work with their documents by offering a huge variety of shapes and sizes to choose from. The program also provides a number of tools which can be used to align or arrange text, images and other objects that are within the margin of the page.

Basic Guide to Microsoft Publisher 2010

MS Publisher 2010 features a few notable changes with its interface compared to the previous versions. The most noted change is the addition of the Ribbon feature which is actually added to all other Microsoft Office 2010 programs. The Ribbon consists of multiple tabs with specific set of commands. Some tabs like the Picture Tool or the Text Box Tool will only appear when the user is working on particular items like images or text boxes.

MS Publisher also provides a set of viewing tools which can be used to control the layout of images, text and objects on the page. This particular set of tools can be used only for editing purposes and may be turned off or on and are designed to not appear on the printed document or publication.

The Backstage view has options for creating, saving and printing which is the same as the Office Button Menu or the File Menu from the earlier versions of the MS Publisher. What's good about the Backstage view is that it is in full page view which can be very convenient for users. 

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Image used for education purposes "with permission from Microsoft"