Attending a conference in the past means getting dressed and ready for a meeting with colleagues, business partners, clients and other important people. This will entail going to a specific venue. However, with technology, this type of setting has evolved into something more convenient. Conferencing nowadays will only require a computer or laptop and a reliable Internet connection through video conferencing.

This modern method of meeting offers a similar setting as a conventional conference minus the travel. You get to listen to whoever is speaking and see what is being presented. You also get to see your fellow attendees through video; hence the name. Though everything seems smooth sailing, there are some challenges along the way which can be easily avoided or prevented.

A certain software can be used just to make the conference possible. For software needs, can be relied upon as the online shop which offers useful software for various work and business needs including Microsoft Office, Windows, Office apps, and Internet security/antivirus

Common Video Conferencing Problems and Solutions 

Possible Problems and Resolutions in Video Conferencing

Here are three of the common video conferencing problems and solutions:

Unnecessary Noises in the Background

To solve this issue, one can prepare by setting up an area where there is less noise. You can sound-proof a certain room so that noise from the outside cannot come in and sounds produced inside is kept inside.

Unmuting/Muting Distractions and Conversations

This can only be avoided if you are careful enough with your actions. You must turn on the mute button if you don’t want others attending the conference to listen to what you are doing such as sipping a cup of coffee. On the other hand, you should not forget to unmute the sound if you have to say something.


If one attendee is spotted as producing the echo, let the person hang up and call back to check if there is no more echo produced.

There are other challenges that may pop up during the conference and it is best to deal with these the soonest time possible to avoid more distractions along the way which may affect the conference.