Day after Christmas Day

While various countries around the world including the UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Bermuda, Kenya, South Africa celebrate Boxing Day every December 26th (moved to the suceeding Monday in case it falls on a weekend for some countries), the U.S. simply calls it the Day after Christmas Day – a holiday in numerous states. Those of Catholic faith on the other hand commemorate St. Stephens Day, for the first ever Christian martyr who was stoned to death by Jewish Pharisees when he stood up for this faith.

Boxing Day Background

Although Boxing Day is not celebrated in the US, here’s a little background in case you are interested to know. Allegedly, this event started in the UK, when the Lord of Manor gifted workers and subjects with food, clothes, and other items inside boxes; hence, the term ‘Boxing Day.’ Churches also provide boxes for richer members to place anything for their fellow church members who are poor. The box is opened after Christmas Day.

At present, the tradition of employers gifting employees continue in the countries listed above. Others also relax or unwind during this day or attend sporting events. It is also the start of a week-long sales in most stores as it is the Black Friday counterpart in those countries enumerated earlier.

Year End Sales

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image credit: W H on Flickr