Fiction 1: Cheaper deal in physical software store

Fact 1: More affordable deal online

Buying software online and download directly after shopping. No cost for shipping and time lost for waiting anymore!


Fiction 2: Non-guide software installation

Fact 2: Excellent online customer service available to help

Simple instruction in download prompt to follow when performing software installation, as easy as manual installation process. Look for help from professional customer service online and get the installation done! :)


Fiction 3: No chance for product return and exchange

Fact 3: Requestable refund and activation fee replacement

If the digital download software doesn’t work, request can be made to claim activation fee replacement and refund for sure!


Fiction 4: Limited product info and option

Fact 4: Special web only version with detail info

Many brands and products provide special web only software download version for online shoppers to download. All information are detailed listed for every product as well.


Fiction 5: No backup for file

Fact 5: Safely stored in your computer library

When software is downloaded and saved in your computer files, either under library or downloader, records are kept and always save a copy so you can reinstall whenever you need.


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