The Microsoft Garage Team has created FindTime, an add-in to Outlook that is intended to ease up your organization and meeting scheduling needs.

The idea stems from a simple yet recurring problem that sometimes lead to decision fatigue – finding an available time to meet. FindTime offers the solution to this problem so you will not end up bugging every member of your team every time a meeting has to be set up.



How does it work?

This add-in is capable of offering intelligent suggestions concerning the best time for people in your organization to meet. It is capable of tracking your schedule based on the activity of your Outlook and will select a few days and time for you to choose. You may opt to narrow down the options prior to proposing them to participants of the meeting.  Your colleagues will then have to vote. They can likewise access the site where FindTime presents the ‘voting’ page in an instant.

Once a consensus has been reached, FindTime will then automatically send another e-mail invitation to all attendees.  Best of all, this feature is not only limited to Outlook users.  The invitation can be sent to any email platform. FindTime still sends the message to people who use a different platform outside work. However, it is important to point out that the organizer email account must be linked to Office 365 to make Outlook 2013 accessible. The end result – no more moving back and forth, and those endless email threads can be avoided.

Download Outlook here!