how to change your norton password

Your Norton account can do so many things like adding software to your personal computers, laptops, tablets, and smartphones and managing Norton products on devices you want to use. You can also verify the overall status of your account's security as well as for each individual device and manage security issues using your personal Norton account from any devices you have added and used. 


The Benefits of a Norton Account

When you have a Norton Security account, you can do the following activities on top of adding devices:

1.    Install Norton programs on preferred devices.

2.    Locate Norton products that are already installed on a gadget or device.

3.    Fix security issues on your devices.

4.    Buy other Norton software.

5.    Remove devices from your Norton account.


What You Need

First, you need to download the required Norton product from your account so you can manage security issues.  Once downloaded, the Norton Security program must be installed in your desired device in order to take advantage of this product's benefits.


Passwords Issues

Like any other website or tool which need passwords to operate, the best way to protect and secure your devices is to change your Norton password periodically.  Now, what about if you forgot your password? No worries, here's how to change your Norton password:

1.    Just open a browser and type, then click sign in.

2.    Click on the Forgot Your Password button and type the required email address, then click on the Continue button. Norton will send a new password to your email address.

3.    Open the email and click on the Reset Password button, once the Reset Password page appears, type the new password for your Norton account and when done, click the Reset Password button or tab.

4.    Lastly, click on the continue button to access the Norton account page using the new password. 

If you don't have Norton installed yet, you may download it here

Image credit: Norton Community