If you’re still stuck with your old operating system, it’s time to upgrade to the new Windows 10. This newest Microsoft OS has several resemblance to the Windows 7 but your PC deserves it better because it starts up and resumes quicker with this OS version. It is developed to be compatible with any hardware and software you use (Mac and PC included). More importantly, it guarantees safety because of its improved built-in security.

 Microsoft Windows 10 Pro Edition

If you have no idea how to upgrade to Windows 10 for free, follow these steps:

1. Good news! Microsoft offers free upgrade. You only need to reserve to avail of the free upgrade option. Tick the system tray located at the lower right side of your screen. You’ll find the “Get Windows 10 app” option. In case you do not see the Windows 10 icon, manually allow updates to your system in order for the computer to recognize the offer.

2. Afterwards, you should view this, “Reserve your free upgrade.” Click it.

3. Write down your email address to validate reservation.

4. You are now in queue. Wait for a notice in a few days or weeks until the system has downloaded Windows 10 to your PC.

5. Take advantage the free Microsoft Windows 10 upgrade soon as you receive it or wait until you are 100% sure that you want to advance to this newest Microsoft OS.

 Microsoft Windows 10 Home Edition

Should you want to shift from Windows 7 or 8 to Windows 10 for more than one device, you are free to do so. Prepare a new or blank flash drive or DVD with 4GB of space to have your own installation media. Use this to update your other devices. Choose the “Upgrade this PC now” option. You should not be asked about the product key in this process because you are undergoing the free upgrade.

In case you are using a USB for this procedure, take it out it soon as the installation begins or you will be asked for the product key. If this takes place, you will have to remove the USB again and restart the computer so you can go on with the setup.

Before doing this, make sure that you have Internet connection and sufficient data storage on your computer. Likewise, check the systems requirements to avoid any issue from arising later.


In case, it doesn’t work, you can buy a Microsoft Windows 10 upgrade product key from www.redboxsoftware.com.