important facts about windows 10

If you are still groping in the dark about Windows 10, we're definitely here to help! Read on for six 
important facts about Windows 10.

Cost of installation

It is no longer free if you haven't made a reservation from the time it was launched. Microsoft offered the free upgrade since July 28, 2015.  As of January 2016, there had been more than 200 million computers which already upgraded to Windows 10.

Across the board operating system

Microsoft plans to make Windows 10 a universal operating system to power all your devices, be it a tablet, laptop, phone or desktop. The Continuum technology determines if you are interacting through a mouse or a touchscreen. 

Apps interaction

There will be universal apps that you can download from the Microsoft store and these apps will be able to run, whether you are using a desktop or a tablet. 

Full screen options

In Windows 8, the “Modern” apps were annoying as it automatically set in full screen.  With Windows 10, full screen apps will be your sole discretion.  That is when you use a keyboard, Windows 10 use the standard desktop and once you detach the keyboard, Windows 10 automatically switch to the tablet mode screen appearance. 

Moderns will not go to waste

If you have modern apps installed in your computer, you can still work on them with no worries. You can access them in tablet mode or other possible medium. If you are using the app in a desktop, it will automatically convert into a normal Windows app compatible for the device you are using.

Convenient start menu

Fortunately, the start menu is like START menu of the good old days which is found at the left portion of your screen. If you prefer the Windows 8 start menu, you can customize it using the Live Tiles menu. 

If you don't have this operating system yet, you can download Windows 10 here!