microsoft hologram technology

Holograms have always  caught the attention of many as they have been used several times in Sci-Fi or futuristic films. Well, holograms are no longer just a product of imagination.  They used to be ‘fictional’ in characteristic but are now among the top projects that the world of Information Technology is trying to conquer. These include the Microsoft holographic technology which is now on the  search for the top Holographic app developers.

The Microsoft HoloLens Team has just released a unique campaign called ‘Share Your Ideas’ which intend to provide a platform for App Developers and enthusiasts to submit one-of-a-kind ideas related to holograms.  Those who are interested in the subject are likewise encouraged to sign up as they will be given the chance to vote for the best ideas.

If that is not exciting enough, then wait until you hear about the prize. After the voting process at the end, Microsoft HoloLens will essentially transform your ideas into reality. In short, they will develop and release the App and will get the developer involved in the entire process – from the planning stage onwards. This Microsoft department also vows to release the source code for the community to know.

microsoft hologram technology

Here are some criteria that will guide you on conceptualizing your holographic app:

  • Note that holograms can shrink, grow, and even share the same size as the realistic object
  • Holograms are more attractive with spatial sounds.
  • HoloLens can quickly grasp your app information on surfaces so know where you can place your walls, floors, etc.
  • Check how interactive it can get – use voice commands, gesture prompted commands, and so on. 
  • Know  how you can take advantage of the world coordinates to keep your holograms locked.

If you are ready to brew some ideas, then you can head to and sign up.  Remember that you only have until January 11th next year to wow the community and Microsoft with your ideas.

Microsoft holographic technology is powered by Windows 10.

Click here to download a copy of Windows 10 through!