Microsoft Office is the company's most prestigious product. One of it's most popular products, the Office 2010 was designed based on the specifications of its 2007 edition. When Office 2007 was launched, not many people upgraded their systems. They were comfortable with 2003 or earlier editions and didn't want to go ahead with the new one. Hence, Microsoft had changed the look and feel of the whole package through the Office 2010. This program is only available in three versions, the Home Business, Home and Student, and Professional.

Microsoft Office Home and Business 2010 

Ribbons Menu System

Ribbons was introduced in the 2006 Office edition. In 2010, a number of changes were made. Users will need to get a little used to the system because there are lesser drop-down menus. Ribbons are context-based with nearly all options out in front. Ribbons make navigation and access to commands easier. Users can customisz functions as per their needs by adding or removing features.


Backstage View

The Orb on the left hand corner of the screen has been replaced with a tab. Although the orb looks good, many couldn't initially guess that it also had a function and wasn't merely placed there as a decoration. It was actually added to increase accessibility. The Backstage view is an all-purpose tab that contains the open, save, print, new, share and other important options. The backstage view options vary from application to application. For instance, Word shows options like New Document, Open, Save, Save As, Print etc. while Outlook shows modify email settings, save attachments, compose new mail, save files etc. 


Save and Send Feature

With Office Home Business 2010, Microsoft has introduced a new feature named Save and Send. Using this option, users can send the mail as attachment, simultaneously save it to SharePoint server, publish it as a blog and upload it to a SkyDrive account.


Version Control

Version control is yet another new feature introduced by Microsoft. It allows users to go back in history and select the version of the file he wants to work on.


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