Microsoft Windows 10 review

Microsoft Windows 10
is one of the best technological innovations that remarkably bridges the gap between tabs and personal computers without any discrimination. This operating system features the newest, state-of the art, and exceptional features not previously available with the outdated Windows OS versions.

As a result, this fabulous product is one amalgamated package that decently pointed the so-called missteps of its staunch arch rival that is no other than but the equally better Windows 8.

The inexpressible and yet impressive bottom line of  this particular  product is that it will astonishingly provide you a more refined and extensive vision for the future in relation to a computation process with an OS that is so much at ease with tablets and personal computers. Thus, it is unbelievably upgradeable just like any other operating systems in general. Some users using specific versions are even eligible to upgrade to this OS for free. 


Did you know that this is deservingly alluded to as the “Goldilocks Version of Microsoft’s Venerable PC Operating System?” This is an appropriate kind of a compromise between the factors of the usual familiarity of Windows 7 which is in harmony with the colossal characteristics of Windows 8. Basically, it is furnished with a noteworthy and swifter Internet Explorer. 

This is the holistic and complete replacement of the Edge. It is Microsoft’s Siri-like voice controlled virtual assistant which is simply known as Cortana.

Moreover, this heaven sent operating system has the tremendous ability to provide streamlining of games in REAL TIME going to a desktop computer from an XBox One which is placed in another room. The user-friendly OS also has a trendy transition feature to automatically switch this stunning device from a tab to a personal computer.

Last but not the least, the easy to find Start Menu of Windows 10 was taken from Windows 8.  For instance, the live tiles of from the home screen of Windows 8 are still there; however, they were intricately attached to the Start Menu to make it a standout among the rest.

Dare to be different with this ultra-mega Operating System to make you realize that technological innovations are truly COOL. 

If you still don't have Microsoft Windows 10, download it through!

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