Windows 8.1

The popularity of pinning over the start menu became popular thanks to the Windows 8 program including its successor, the Windows 8.1. Its popularity is given credit to its easy and convenient use. There's no need for time-consuming browsing.

Learning What the Start Menu Can Offer

Aside from learning the basics when getting acquainted with Windows 8.1, one of the first things to consider is why it is worth learning. For one, Windows 8.1 is easy to navigate, manage and control. But what really makes it worth exploring?

One of the basic reasons include the fact that users can always make things easy when using this operating system. It can be organized in a manner that is according to how you want it to be. Here are some of the things you can do with this OS' start screen:

•    Create a Group – When creating a group, the focus is to be organized. Categorize each group accordingly. An example is creating a group that includes Office programs such as MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.

•    Personalizing – This is when putting your personal touch comes to life. You can always choose your background or wallpaper. You can select what’s available or you can choose images or pictures of your personal choice like a picture you personally captured or an image which was downloaded over the web. 

•    Pinning – This will allow you to gain access to files, programs or sites that you often make use of.

There are different things you need to learn when installing Windows 8.1 for your work or personal computer. Either way, what matters is how you maximizes its use. Maximizing its usage and purpose means exploring what it has to offer and learning how to navigate your way around starting with the start screen.

Stay tuned for more tutorials.

Meanwhile, you can download Windows 8.1 here!

Image from India7 Network at Flickr