connected car technology through microsoft

Connected car technology through Microsoft will even be better with upcoming updates through recent partners which was announced during the Consumer Electronics Show of 2016. Car makers like Volvo, Nissan, Harman, and IAV will make mobile productivity even better with the integration of various Microsoft related products and services.


For Volvo, existing automation technology already available through the Apple Watch and Android Wear introduced last year will also be offered through Windows 10 powered smart phones. Automated features include locking cars, setting driving destination, turning on the AC or heater, flashing lights, and honking. With Microsoft Band 2, those features can be available through voice control.

Harman and IAV

For Harman, Microsoft Office 365 will be connected to the car’s infotainment (information and entertainment) systems. Programs included in the Office productivity suite will also become accessible while on the road; but only when parked or when the car is on automatic driving mode. The same applies to IAV which will only enable access to Windows 10 Continuum apps when the vehicle is safely parked or on automatic cruise control. Some Continuum apps available include Cortana, Window’s personal digital virtual assistant (much like Apple’s Siri), Skype for Business, Outlook, Calendar, and Groove Music.

IAV and Nissan

IAV will also enable the Microsoft Azure platform and Cortana Analytics for safer driving. Nissan will also assimilate Azure in order to equip their LEAF and Infinite models (European) with CTS or Connect Telematics Systems.  Azure is designed for safer driving when using electric cars. The mechanism works by simply using existing data to prevent vehicular or pedestrian accidents.

Microsoft is also already working with other automobile companies like Ford, Toyota, Qoros, Delphi, and others for connected car technology related projects. Microsoft executive vice president for business development, Peggy Johnson, confirms that the company is looking forward to developing technology that will connect cars with mobile phones and work computers at home or in the office.


image credit: Wikimedia