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Avast’s security features have just proliferated in a massive way.  This is due to the participation of 230 million other users who work together in order to provide the utmost security for your system. Now, even your mobile phone can get to experience a range of innovative functionalities that your PC has experienced. 


Files, apps, and documents are secured

Files, apps, and any form of multi-media documents can remain organized and ‘clean’ with the use of Avast for smartphones. Moreover, Avast keeps your data completely safe on the Cloud.  You can instantly transfer your files using Dropbox, which makes it easier to use. By doing so, you can free some more space on your mobile. With Avast, a single tap is all you need to clean up your phone and get rid of unnecessary files and system caches.  This is through the functionality called Safe Clean.

Battery consumption

Users can also monitor their battery consumption.  Aside from seeing how much battery you have left on your mobile, you can also get to turn the Emergency mode on in order to be able to maximize the use of battery,. This is particularly helpful when you are travelling.  It can also detect apps that consumes way too much battery and space.  You can disable them anytime you want.

Protect identity

Having Avast on your mobile can also help you protect your identity as it can send a notification every time a SIM CARD has been changed.  The geo-location of any stolen unit as well as the new number can be sent to any third-party mobile. Another unique feature of Avast is its ability to activate a loud siren even from a remote location. You can also lock your phone using another device if ever it has been stolen. Your personal details can be kept safe at all time.


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