The latest operating system Windows 10 is finally responding to their beloved phone users for message synchronization. You can now view your cellular messages from your desktop, even when your phone is charging in another room.

The build-in messaging app has now upgraded with the inbound ability to allow Windows 10 Mobile users to connect their messages directly. New messages will be notified and shown as a tile on the app page, very simple and clear.

Apart from that, the Contact app seems to be updated as well, where now you can try reading your previous and current texts all together under the history of contact, but still, this has to undergo more tests before launching as an official feature in the update version.

As Windows 10 will soon reach its anniversary this summer, for the anniversary update, potential surprises for users and supporters may include:

  • Active live tile that can bring user into the app/page content directly

  • Action Centre icon in taskbar that shows notification info and summary

  • Newly developed Notification Listener API

It is easily realized that the trend of Microsoft upcoming development has been focusing on specific abilities of Windows 10, especially in how to synchronize with multiple devices, create more coherence within their products and to simplify their user interface. Thumbs up for Windows 10 and Microsoft for being more and more user friendly and it is definitely worth for us to look forward to more new features of the system! :D

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Source: MSPoweruser