windows 7 installation guide video

Congratulations on downloading Windows 7, one of the in demand Microsoft operating system version. This is still one of the best sellers even if newer versions had already been released.

If this is your first time to install a software, watch this Windows 7 installation guide video below for a step by step walkthrough:

You can also alternately read the text below during or after watching the video for a written instruction:

1. You can either boot DVD or USB, whichever is available on your device.

2. Select your preferred language and click next.

3. Click on install now on the succeeding window. Wait while the setup begins.

4. Make sure you read and understand the license terms before agreeing by ticking the radio box which states I accept license terms. Click next.

5. Choose Custom on the subsequent section. Here, you can select which location to save the Windows OS program. Select drive options and then new to be able to create a new folder. Then click apply, and OK.

6. Click next and wait until the setup process is finished. Once installation is done, the computer will restart on its own. Let the device boot and avoid clicking on anything. The computer restarts again soon after.

7. You may specify a username, computer name, and password.

8. Enter in the product key or click skip.

9. On the next window, you can choose between - use recommended settings or ask me later.

10. Select the date and time, then click next.

11. Connect to the network to test the OS.


Good job! You have successfully installed Windows 7!


Download Windows 7 from!