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Privacy Statement

Red Box Software only requires information necessary in making any purchase. We remain committed to ensuring the protection of all our clients' privacy and identities. The same protection is likewise provided to the subscribers as visitors of the site.
Note that information requested from clients and buyers is solely used for the purpose of selling and delivering Products. Designated employees have the sole authority to collect and manage the information. No data is ever authorized to be released outside the website.

Section I: Collection of Information of Customers, Users, and Site Visitors

a. Personal Information. Clients are informed about the process prior to the collection of data. They also have the right to refuse should they feel ill-at-ease with the process. Let it be known that we, at practice the process of information collection in the most courteous and prudent way possible. We highly respect the clients' choice whether to provide the information or otherwise.

b. Other Non-Personal Information. These are all obtained ONLY for business purposes. They are not sold or shared with any other group or site. These pieces of information which are not directly linked to the client may also be collected to help improve our site and services. These include the following:
• Time stamp of the visit
• Web pages visited
• Internet Service Provider (ISP)
• Cookies
• Operating System used

c. Business Information. Data from our business card collections are collected, saved, and protected. The information entails the name and title of the client, e-mail address, business address, and any pertinent contact information. All data pertaining to the client and business transactions will not be compromised in any way. We guarantee that these info shall always be treated with utmost privacy.

Section 2: Consent

Clients' personal, non-personal, and business data are collected during the process of making a purchase. This includes the phases of verification, confirmation payment, and successfully completing a transaction. During the site visit and placing of an order, the clients automatically give their consent to have their information collected and utilized for the sole purpose of processing their purchase.

Should there be other uses of information necessary, shall notify the client of any other possible use beyond the above-mentioned purposes. As stated earlier, clients will always have the right to allow or decline the use of their personal information in any other method aside from the purposes stated previously.

Any client who may have initially declined but has changed their mind are requested to contact Customer Care Hotline at + +1 877-285-1036 immediately. They may likewise e-mail us at

Section 3: Legal Age of Consent

All clients and visitors of the site automatically validate and ensure that they are of legal age upon entering the site for whatever purpose. This also confirms that any of their dependents that are under the legal age is given consent to access the site.

Section 4: Disclosure Policy

Disclosure of Information shall be based on two merits ONLY. They are as follows:

• Any proven violation of any of the Terms we impose on the use of the site and the purchase of the products
• Requested, required, or ordered by law

Section 5: Email Marketing

Red Box Software performs email marketing so as to keep clients informed and updated on the latest promotional activities, products, and any other activities which may be beneficial to clients, users, and frequent site visitors. Our e-mailing list has been consolidated using email addresses which clients have willingly provided on the website. Clients and/or recipients of emails distributed by our site may opt to UNSUBSCRIBE should they no longer wish to receive updates from us or should they decide to terminate their newsletter subscription. You can simply access the unsubscribe button by clicking on the link at the bottom part of the e-mail. Once the client clicks on the said link, his/her name, email address, business designation and address, and other contact information will automatically be deleted from the e-mailing list. does not sell or share any information concerning our clients to any third party. We do not intend to release any information about our clients to anyone or any organization other than ours.

Section 6: Referral Links

Our Privacy Policy covers the entire content of and all its web pages. Both Security and Privacy Policies will automatically be implemented once links you click lands you to different websites. We hereby encourage our Clients to go through the entire terms under the Privacy Policies to ensure the protection of personal data. Please know and be reminded accordingly that our company will not be held liable for any leakage of personal data due to falsely misinterpreted and visited links.

Section 7: Security

It is our ethical duty to ensure that your personal data are secure all the time. Red Box Software ensures that we stay committed to complying with the standard practices within the industry to avoid loss, alteration, faulty access, disclosure misused, and destruction of data.

Our site makes use of Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology to encrypt information. In addition, AES-256 encryption is likewise used to ensure the security of data. Furthermore, we similarly acknowledge that our mode of electronic transmission via the Internet completely adheres to PCI-DSS requirements. We generally abide by policies that are duly accepted practices in this industry.

Section 8: The Use of Cookies

The utilization of "cookies" is constrained with the end goal of recognizing returning guests to the site. Information, which is non-individual in nature, are utilized essentially for measurable purposes, for the development or up-selling and cross-selling, for the further improvement of the site experience of clients, site visitors, and the like.

By definition, a ‘cookie’ is one part of a data that is sent to the user’s browser by the site he or she visits. The browser then stores the cookie in the computer and collects information such as your language settings and location. Upon returning to the site, the user’s browser sends back the cookie to the particular site.

Clients have the privilege to either disable or enable the cookies on their programs. By enabling it, a portion of your own information may be kept or stored. Clients will also be informed accordingly should cookies sent be saved or stored on a hard drive.

Section 9: Changes, Addition, or Any form of Alteration to this Privacy Policy

We exceedingly prescribe that guests visit the Privacy Policy frequently to be informed and updated about any expansion, adjustments and general updates we make. maintains whatever authority is needed to start and execute any progressions and changes on the webpage and every one of its sites. Any changes made thereof shall be in effect immediately or as soon as the change is reflected on the site.

Customers, users, and frequent guests will be advised about any material changes to be connected on the site. This is to be performed to demonstrate transparency on the method we use to collect any type of information related to users and visitors of the site. The reason for data gathering should likewise be disclosed.

Should there arise an occurrence of Merger and Acquisition, all information gathered by our organization will be transmitted consequently to the new proprietor. This is to guarantee that customers and guests will continue to see offers and products from the site.

Section 10: Contact Information

Keeping in mind the end goal to correct, erase, or ask about individual information gathered or to be gathered, you are encouraged to contact our Privacy Compliance Office by means of email or phone call at 1 877-285-1036

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