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Red Box Software solely manages and takes full control of the website. All subsequent use of ‘We’, ‘Our’, and’ Us’ refer solely to our site. All data, which include but not limited to services and tools are intended to be used by users, clients, and frequent site visitors provided that they acknowledge and accept all policies, notices, and conditions stipulated in the entirety of these Terms of Service.

Upon accessing our site with either the intent to check or purchase any products we offer, users hereby engage in all the ‘Services’ and are mandated to adhere to the terms and policies (“Terms of Service”, “Terms”) implemented by These Terms of Service likewise apply non-buyers such as vendors, content contributors, merchants, and/or site browsers which access and use the site's content or tools. The site hereby requires all users to read the terms mentioned herein thoroughly. Otherwise, should any of the terms be considered unacceptable, you are advised and encouraged to terminate the use of the use. reserve the right to change, modify, update, and replace any of conditions or sections in these Terms of Service as deemed necessary. Should any update or change takes place, please be informed that that we will take measures to update users via an official announcement through our website. Continuing to use or access our site after posting an announcement on changes signifies that you have read and consequently agree to these changes. Let it be known that Magento Platform hosts our online store. Magento provides us with the e-commerce platforms we need in selling our digital products.


Section 1: Terms of the Online Store

Agreeing to the Terms of Service is equivalent to confirming your understanding of our Terms. Moreover, agreeing likewise means confirming that you are of legal age by the time you used our website. Furthermore, this also means that you consent your children of legal age to use the site as well.

Users are highly prohibited to use any of our product(s) in any illegal endeavour or activities which may include infringement of copyright laws and releasing any destructive form of cyber threats (e.g. worms, viruses, spyware, destructive bots, malware, etc.) is also prohibited and is punishable by law. Should this term be violated, termination of Service will follow suit.


Section 2: General Conditions

Red Box Software claims the full authority to dismiss any client and not render any type of administration for any reason whenever.

Your personal information excluding credit card information may be transmitted without any encryption. Transmission might be performed over various servers. You likewise recognize and support that you hold no privilege, in whatever degree or structure to imitate, offer, exchange, duplicate, or use any part of the Service for your personal benefit.

Let it be known that all the titles or headings incorporated into this understanding are conceived to offer accommodation to clients. They do impact or put a breaking point on these Terms.


Section 3: Modifications Made to Prices and Services

The costs of products sold, presented, featured on the site may be modified even without prior notice. Additionally, we hold full rights to suspend, alter, or stop any segment of the Service even without publishing any prior notice. We stay unaccountable to any clients, users, and site visitors should we alter any terms, suspend, or totally end the administration of the Service.


Section Area 4: Products of the Site

We have a range of products presented on the site which is all accessible to the users and clients, although the quantity of these items might be restricted. It is advised for users to completely comprehend what is stipulated in the Return Policy to know the entirety of the rules we implement.

We do our best to provide the exact photos of the products we sell. However, consequences for shading on the picture might transpire due to specific elements that are beyond the control of the site. Case in point, the client's PC screen might add to the minor change in shading and picture.

We hold and exercise the right to set some limitations on the quantity of products we sell. Likewise, we hold the right to refuse to sell our products to certain individuals, locations, and jurisdiction but on a case-by-case basis.

We cannot be held liable on any offers to purchase the products on the site but through a completely different entity. Such activity is highly prohibited by the site. In addition, we do not guarantee the quality of the products sold through a third-party or by any individuals or sites other than


Segment 5: Accuracy of Billing Data

It is the client's commitment and obligation to give us precise information for billing purpose. The provision of data should be the sole obligation of buyers. You, as the client, are likewise anticipated to provide us updated information in order to guarantee successful transactions in purchasing any product(s). likewise hold the right to decline orders from certain individuals and location. We also set the prior limit on the amount of products that can be purchased by certain individuals or households. Through the identification of the number of orders made by a person or name, account, address, and credit card information, we can trace and identify those who are bound to exceed said limit. Should this happen, you shall receive a notification to inform you that are about to meet the maximum number of orders. Said notification shall be sent over e-mail or phone. This limit is enforced to prohibit certain individuals from reselling the products at a higher cost.


Section 6: Information Accuracy and Timeliness

We stay unaccountable for any incorrectness, obsolete and deficiency of data posted on our site. All materials posted on the website are for the sole purpose of providing general information to clients and guests. The data exhibited herein are only for the purpose of providing a reference. Thus, these materials ought not to be used as the sole basis for making a purchasing decision. Subsequently, it is the obligation of clients to check the accuracy and timeliness at all times.


Section 7: Personal Information

Be it emphasized that ALL information submitted to our online store are covered by the Privacy Policy of our company. You are encouraged to go over the said section to fully comprehend its entirety.


Section 8: Optional Tools

Accessing third-party tools are possible and entirely discretionary. However, these tools are NOT controlled nor monitored by us. The access to these tools can be made on an ‘as available’ and ‘as is’ basis. Therefore, we do not provide any warranties of any form or extent. Consequently, we cannot be held liable for any issues, glitches, complaints, queries, or any claim that may occur from utilizing any of such third-party tools.

By accessing or using these tools, you automatically acknowledge that you are solely responsible for any problems related to usage of such materials. You, as users, are completely responsible for your actions. Moreover, all the products and conditions we may be offering in the future are covered by these Terms of Services.


Section 9: Third-Party Links

Certain items and administrations that are displayed on the site and in our Service may contain materials for third-parties. Clients might see, click on, or access interfaces that are available on the site which can land them on pages not associated to in any extent. We cannot be held liable for any materials, services and products extracted or requested from links other than ours. We cannot be held responsible for any malicious content, damages, or any problem that may arise from the transactions made to and with third-party websites. It is the duty of users to read through the content and materials from third-party links.


Section 10: Erroneous Information, Inconsistencies, and Inaccuracies

Our site might contain data which may inaccuracies in the form of typographical errors, outdated information, and the like. These mistakes may be seen in the range of promotional offers, product descriptions, pricing, and even availability. We reserve the full right to rectify and update such information that may contain inconsistencies and inaccuracies. Therefore, we also apply our right to decline or cancel orders automatically even without any prior notification from our end.

Unless imposed or required by law, we are not obliged to modify, update, or provide an explanation on any information that is reflected in these Terms of Service.


Section 11: Feedback, Comments, and Submissions

All materials, comments, feedbacks, and contest submissions you send to us or share on our site signify that you are performing such action in good faith and according to your free will. Moreover, such actions also indicate that you, as users, are hereby giving us your full consent to use these materials in any way or form. Furthermore, the submission of any materials to our website warrant us to edit, copy, publish, and distribute them without prior notification sent to the sender. You also confirm that any of your comments does not possess any libellous content or any form of threat that can affect the normal operation of the website as well as all its affiliated sites. As users, you have full responsibility on all comments and messages you publish on the content, products, or services of any third-party site not affiliated to us.

In connection thereto, we are not obliged to perform the following:

1.) Pay you or provide any form of compensation on the comments given;
2.) Keep the confidentiality of the comments, and
3.) Not mandated to respond to the comments written.

We also reserve the right to remove any comments and modify and closely monitor any type of content that we believed are defamatory, obscene, unlawful, and objectionable. Any material, comments, messages that may breach our intellectual property rights or these Terms of Service are also subject to legal actions.


Section 12: Severability

If one section, component, a term, or a section of these Terms are deemed unenforceable, the conditions shall remain implemented to the most acceptable level by law. The terms considered unenforceable shall be considered removed or deleted from the terms. Such issue should not bear any effect on the entirety and legality of the whole Terms of Service.


Section 13: Prohibited Uses

You are unauthorized to use any part or section of the website and its entire content (with inclusion of the Terms of Service) for the following purposes: a.) for any unlawful or prohibited acts; b.) to harm, discriminate, defame, or intimidate someone due to his gender, age, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, disability or ethnicity; c.) in the intent to participate or support illegal acts of any form or extent; d.) to use as a form of violation to local, federal, state, or international ordinances; e) to conduct any acts of immorality; f.) to spread viruses or any malicious threats, programs that can impact the Service, the implementation thereof, and the credibility of the site; g.) to infringe intellectual property rights; h.) to send, publish any deceptive information; i.) to use as a way to gather information of other enterprises, business units, firms, and/or individuals; j.) to spam, phish, spider, pharm, pretext, or scrape; ;and k.) to infiltrate the security boundaries and violate the security aspects of the website, its entire Service, and its other associated sites.

We reserve all the rights to automatically terminate your use of our Service once you are found guilty of any aforementioned acts.


Section 14: Disclaimer of Warranties

Red Box Software does not guarantee any form, level, or extent that your access and use of the site will be protected, secure, free from errors, and timely. The continued use of the site, as well as its result, are not guaranteed either. In that, we may be obliged to postpone, delay, or make the Service inaccessible for a period of time which can be performed even with the absence of any prior notification. Your use of Service is completely discretionary and you provide full consent should you decide to access, utilize, or use and section of the Terms. All products and services offered and presented on the site are on an ‘as-is’ and ‘as available’ basis. They hold not warranties or representation of any kind, level, or form, whether expressed or implied.

We, at and all the directors, licensors, officers, suppliers, staff, affiliates, agents, service providers, agents, do not hold any responsibility for possible loss, direct, incidental, injury, claim, punitive, resulting damages of any extent. Such occurrence may include but not limited to the loss of data, revenue, related damages occurring as a result of use and access of Service. We also remain unaccountable to the mistakes relating to the products published, sent, or sold, or made accessible by the Service. Be it known that we only hold limited liability in accordance to law, although we further acknowledge that some jurisdictions or states do not permit omission or limitation on the coverage of resulting or incidental damages.


Section 15: Prevailing Law

All conditions stipulated in these Terms of Service with the inclusion of any separate agreements provided alongside the services and products shall rule and be implemented in accordance to the laws of 930 W 16th St Costa Mesa CA 92627.


Section 16: Indemnification

You automatically approve to indemnify Red Box Software including the parent company, subsidiaries, board of directors, service providers, contractors, officers, agents, suppliers, agents, interns, licensors, and affiliates safe from any potential demand or claim and attorney fees initiated by any third party which may stem from the violation of these terms.


Section 17: Termination of Terms of Service

Unless otherwise terminated by either party, RedBoxSoftware or the users, all terms and conditions stipulated in these Terms of Service shall remain in effect. You, as users, also hold the right to decide to terminate these Terms at any point you wish. Please know that doing so will essentially require you to notify us with the decision to cease your access to the site. The decision to terminate the Terms shall also mean that you no longer wish to benefit from our services. You are also expected to stop accessing the website should you terminate the Terms out of your free will.

It is also possible for us to terminate these Terms as we hold the right to do so. This can transpire in the event that we discover any issues and problems resulting from failure to adhere to the terms stipulated herein. Thus, termination of the Terms can happen instantly and even with the absence of prior notice. In any case, you, as users, are still obliged to pay any sum which may derive from the purchase of products prior to the termination of the entire agreement.


Section 18: Full Agreement

The ability to implement any or any portion of the provisions stipulated in these Terms of Service does not automatically represent a waiver of such provision.

These Terms of Service including all the guidelines and the operating laws we publish in connection to the Service or of the website constitute that entire agreement as well as the understanding between us and the users’ end. This may cover the use and access of site, all oral and non-oral communications, proposals, existing and non-existing agreements, and may include but not limited to all preceding editions of the Terms of Service. Any ambiguity in the understanding of any of the Terms shall not be taken against the drafting party. Moreover, they shall not be held responsible for the misinterpretation of any term thereof.

Section 19: Changes to Terms of Service

We hereby request and recommend all users, site visitors, and guests to constantly check, read, and review the Terms and policies of Continued use of the site signifies the acceptance of the terms automatically. We reserve the full right to change, replace, and update part(s) of these Terms and publishing said modifications on the site.

Section 20 – Contact Information

If you have queries or should you need further information regarding these Terms of Service, you please feel free to get in touch with us through calls at +1 877-285-1036 and e-mails at You may also use the chat function available on the right side of the home, represented by a message icon.


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